Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Week, Another Bit of Snow

Well, it's the last week in April, and we got more snow today. While most of the gardening blogs around the country are showing off their beautiful spring blossoms and wonderful looking gardens, we are still dealing with snow on the ground. At this altitude I am used to snow anytime up until the end of May, but it still makes it frustrating when I want to go out and clean the gardens. Not to mention plant some stuff. The perennials are trying to grow, and the crocus have pushed out their buds, but that's about it.

The crocus look cold and closed up today, just last Saturday they were open and beautiful.

The Peonies are starting to grow, although it would be nicer if they were still sleeping. About 3 out of 4 springs they get hit by a very late frost and lose some of their buds, but they are still beautiful. They are one of my few non-waterwise perennials in the gardens.

Even the daffodils are covered with snow and bent to the ground. But, they will pop up by tomorrow and the bees will be checking them out. With this bit of snow, and the last 30 inches we got a week ago, we have went from below average moisture for the year, to slightly above. Good for us, good for the plants, and good for our water bills. No watering will be needed till the end of May.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Every Day Should be Earth Day

This past week millions around the world celebrated Earth Day 2009. While I am so glad for all of the celebration, I have to stop and think about why we would only celebrate our earth one day per year. Without the earth, we would not be here, so shouldn't we celebrate it every day? Or, at least try our very best to take care of it every day? We only have one, and when it's gone, so are we. If it's in bad shape, then we don't have as many resources to keep us healthy, happy, and growing. We as a people in general try to take care of things we own or we have created, yet many of us take the earth that we live on completely for granted. So many people assume there will always be water to drink, food to eat, and a comfortable environment in which to live. Instead, we should assume exactly the opposite. Unless we take care of our earth, it will at some time no longer be able to care for us and provide for us as it has in the past. For many countries, this is already becoming a fact. So, I ask you to celebrate the earth every day, and take nothing she gives us for granted.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mother Nature's Mid-Spring's Gift

Mother Nature sent us a present this week, a typical late spring blizzard. Many of the Ponderosa Pine trees in my yard are bent to the ground and will need to be "rescued" by gently shaking the tree to remove the large, heavy snow clumps. This allows the tree to spring back upright before it gets a permanent bend in the trunk. Living along the Front Range requires residents to get accustomed to these types of storms. After the first few years, you just come to expect them. We really need the moisture and this mid-month storm has dropped anywhere from 1 to 3 feet of snow on the Front Range. I think we have 2 feet in our backyard. Looking towards next week, it should melt off quickly and soak into the ground. The Ponderosa Pines and the Gambel Oak in the yard will be thankful, and so will my perennial garden beds. Best of all, the moisture is free, and comes without any chemicals attached.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nature and Kids - A Perfect Match

There is a perfect posting over on "The Casual Gardener" about why it is so important to expose children to nature, and how it benefits both nature and the child. It discusses the miracles of growing sunflowers which go from teeny, tiny seeds to 8 foot tall plants with beautiful flowers. The gifts of nature that we as parents should share with our children when they are young provide them with a grand foundation for appreciating nature throughout their life. You can read the entire post here: Make a Difference in Nature and In the Life of a Child. So, plan to spend some time with your kids outside today!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Cure for Woodpeckers Pecking on your House

We have a wood sided home that for the last several years has been pecked on by woodpeckers almost daily. They make very nice straight lines across the wood, and make lots of noise doing it. A few months ago, my husband put up some extra suet feeders that we had in the garage, and filled them with the blocks of suet. The woodpeckers and flickers love these feeders. We hang them on my hanging basket hooks around the house, and we get many different types of woodpeckers visiting them. Since the suet feeders have been up, there has only been one time when the birds starting pecking at the house, and that was when the suet blocks were gone. I can't say that it will work for everyone, but it sure works for us. Now, we have to figure out how to patch up all the holes in the siding.
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