Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorado Springs Celebrates Local Food Week

This post is slightly off-topic for the blog, but important none the less, since it celebrates locally grown food and naturally processed fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats and crafts. Colorado Springs is holding its first annual "Local Food Week". The week long series of events start Monday September 14th, and run through Sunday, September 20th. It is sponsored by the Peak to Plains Alliance, and headed by Michele Mukatis, owner of Cultivate Health. A great article describing the events of the week can be found in this article posted at the Colorado Springs Gazette.  More information on the Peak to Plains Alliance and other local food organizations that are participating can be found here.  So, if you are local to the Colorado Springs area, please take some time next week to eat great local food and support our local growers and producers!  Classes, lectures, and other learning opportunities will also be available, so check the calender for more information.

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