Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Quite Springtime

The robins came and then came the snow

Springtime at 7300 feet is always a rollercoaster ride weather wise. We get 70 degree days followed by 2 feet of snow at least once every April and even most Mays.  This year is no exception.  My blogging friend Jean at Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog left a comment for me today on my Hoping for Hummingbirds post.  She wanted to know if the hummingbirds have made it here yet, and how my spring is progressing.  So this post is for you Jean, and several others who have been asking about my posts and what I've been up to.

The outside dining is put on hold for another week or two

The patio furniture went out on the deck two weeks ago,
now it's covered with 20 inches of snow

As far as my gardens, well they have been mostly cleaned out.  For me this means taking out all the long pine needles that fell over the winter, cutting down the dead plants left standing last fall, and lighting raking with my hands or rubber rake.  The pine needles are going to a client's house to use as mulch, and the rest went on the compost pile.  I don't have any pictures at the moment, hopefully next week the snow will be gone and the perennials will be glad for the moisture.  

The hummingbird feeder will soon be here instead of the snow!

And for all of you wondering about the hummingbirds, last year they arrived a week early which was around May 1st. I will surely let you know as soon as they arrive as they are my favorite part of spring.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Lonely Onlies

April in my gardens is looking pretty lonely.  A few tufts of green here and there, a couple of chives thinking about growing, and some creeping thyme turning green.

Not much happening here at all this year, April Fool's is not a pretty sight

Solitary crocus popping their heads up for the sun

Compared to the gorgeous flowers photos from much of the garden blogging world, the four tiny flowers growing in the garden are really quite pathetic. But, they're a sign to me that spring is indeed coming, and I just need to be patient. 

Even the cats are waiting for plants to grow so they can eat their catnip

Underground it's another story.  Ants are venturing out of their winter nests, worms are starting to wiggle their way to the warmer top soils, and microscopic insects are munching on decomposing plant debris.  So, while it's lonely at the top, the minions down below are working on creating beautiful gardens for the coming year.  Working their magic one day at a time.
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