Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Gardening for Nature Teaches Me

Everything's idea of a perfect house is not the same.

I've been gardening for a very long time now, and although many people consider me to be an "expert" I still think of my time in the gardens as new experiences.  Each time a garden is visited, something has changed, no matter if it's been 1 hour, 1 day or 1 season since I've been there.  Gardens and nature are so alive and although some might think they're stagnant or boring without their pretty blooms I relish seeing them for all they give to us.  Thinking about this, I've asked myself "What does Gardening for Nature Teach Me?" There are so many things, but I think the images below give you the best answers:

All visitors are welcome, even the scary ones.  By learning about them, 
they are seen for what wonderful benefits they bring to the gardens.

That just like humans, all living beings are so dependent on 
clean, fresh water for drinking, cleaning and health.

That gardens and yards can be beautiful without using artificial fertilizers, 
herbicides or pesticides, and that nature takes great care of itself.

That clean, fresh air should be a right for all living things, 
people, plants, insects, animals and the planet.

That native plants as well as ornamentals provide food for pollinators
at the same time as being beautiful in the gardens.

That choosing the right plant for the right place means
less water used, no fertilizer needed, and strong 
healthy plants for the gardens.

That Mother Nature teaches her children well, showing them 
how to recycle, reuse and repurpose.  We can learn so much
just by observing.

That creating places to grow doesn't mean we have to plant in rows, 
as this Vegetable Garden at one of 
my client's house shows so beautifully.

That nature is beautiful in all stages of it's life, 
even when it's returning to the earth.

That so many events in nature are fleeting, so we are 
privileged to experience them. Enjoy each and every one!

That I love being out in nature and teaching others how to garden. 
I wouldn't give this opportunity up for anything!

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