Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can Gardening Neutralize our Technology Crazed Carbon Buzz?

Anyone reading this blog post probably loves to garden, or at least is thinking about gardening. At the same time, you are reading this post because of the wonders of technology.

We Google, blog, Tweet, Facebook and iPhone our way across each day, using a lot of technology in the process.  That technology uses a lot of energy, and in turn produces pollution.  So, my question to you is, how much gardening does it take to offset our need for daily snippets of news?  Can we become Carbon Neutral in our own yards and homes by gardening?

How many carbon emissions do these plants and trees in the garden offset?

I can't answer this question myself, but I am sure there are many people and organizations out there who could.  However, I can try to limit my computer use, phone use, and other personal electronics use by simply getting outside more and leaving the world of technology behind. 

Get out and listen to this buzz instead! 
Nature will  teach you the most about gardening if you only stop to listen.

You say that you want to know more about gardening?  Then get outside and start doing it. It doesn't have to be an elaborate "garden space", "outdoor room" or "fantasy living area".  Start simple.  Plant some seeds, dig up some lawn, play in the dirt, look for bugs, get your children involved.  Organic gardening at its finest.  It's that easy to start.  And leave your cordless phone, cell phone or iPhone in the house.  Turned off.  You really won't miss all that technology buzz, and you might just start hearing the buzz of nature instead.


  1. Excellent advice! I think of how much my stress level goes down once I get out into the garden :-)

  2. I need to send this post to a couple of friends out there who are a bit too attached to their gizmos! I agree with Noelle, gardening is a great stress-reliever.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Hi Kathy Green!
    Interesting point! However, I am not prepared to use less computer - without it I would be very isolated from the outside world. But, I think about my other consumption and try to consume other things environmentally smart in general./Anja

  4. Regardless of the season, right now the garden is under snow, I get out and away from the computer etc, daily, even if only for a few minutes. Being in Nature is vital.

  5. I'll just be happy when the days are longer again and I can spend more time outside. Between work and riding my bike there, I often don't have a lot of daylight time to spend in the garden....Soon that will change. And besides, the weekend's coming!

  6. Great post Kathy! We do need to unplug ourselves more often. Alas ... I have found blogging a distraction from the real world. Winter however finds me feeling happier for connecting with so many around the world sharing their gardens. Spring will pull me out again. Cell phones! I think people have forgotten how to drive or walk down a street without a phone ... a connection to someone instead of the place they are moving through. Carol

  7. You don't have to convince me to plant seeds! Or play in the dirt. I am already craving spring! I am of the mindset that some of this technology we enjoy is to the detriment of our planet's health. There is good and bad to all of it, I just hope we use it for good!
    I enjoyed this topic you wrote about, Kathy!



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