Frosting the Garden

January along the Front Range of Colorado is deceptively mild and usually snow free. Every few years we have piles of snow, and it truly is a winter wonderland.

Outside of our driveway, a snowy path for walking

Sometimes it takes more than 3 days before this road is driveable

2 short winters ago, there was more snow than we could shovel

Our winter this year is just brown, with the sight of decomposing gardens.  So a little frosting on the garden works wonders to show us the beauty of nature.

native grasses all nicely frosted

snowflake looking sweet woodruff

This yarrow "Moonshine" looks perfectly coated

Even the Ponderosa Pine needles look better with a little frosting

Gambel Oak take on a muted look with frosted tips

Just a little touch of frost works its magic in the garden

Most of our snow will come later this winter, and even through the spring.  For those of us who have lived here long enough, we know that January and February are the teaser months for the gardens and the nature that resides here.  March and April will bring us our moisture once again.

Nature always surprises us,
bringing unexpected snows even when the birds think it is spring.


  1. I rather expect, judging by the amount of rain we're getting, that you'll be in for a lot more snow! Your photographs are beautiful, and the frost and snow just looks so much prettier than our puddles and mud!

  2. That frosting is quite pretty. Thanks for the follow on Twitter.~~Dee

  3. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you have the perfect dog for all the snow. We've had a very mild winter so far, no snow at all.

  4. Beautiful vista and path photos! I love all the frosting on your plants and your last photo steals my heart away! Gorgeous photograph!! One has to be prepared to be 'held up', if you cannot get down your road for three days! Looks like great skiing and snowshoeing country! I could easily give in to being held up there!! :>)

  5. Looks like home here in the Ottawa Valley...but a huge difference in elevation (we're at 500').Love hoar frost and all of its amazing effects

  6. Everything looks so icy and beautiful. And perfectly in place, up where you live, not over here at the West Coast. LOL.


  7. Some of those plants look good enough to eat with that frosting! Truly beautiful.

  8. Hi Kathy,

    Hopefully with all that snow, there will be less drought this year. I love your photos, they are very pretty. Well done!

  9. Beautiful photographs! Love the last one. All that snow makes me miss Utah!

  10. I love your pretty winter photos. We used to live in Highlands Ranch. We miss those crystal clear, blue skies and snow in CO. Now, we live in Austin and have been here for about 3 years. Glad you commented on my post and I found your blog!

  11. Oh, I just love how the little purple flowers look with icing on top :^)

  12. Such gorgeous photos! The "frosting" effect is my favorite look in the winter garden. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So beautiful! The frost shots are so gorgeous! I love the Blue Bells (?)/Anja

  14. Yours is a true winter wonderland. Every shot is magnificent! That brown decomposing your describe is what our winters are like. Not pretty and great effort must be made for plantings that can carry on, and hardscape. Interesting evergreens and grasses are key to make it pleasing. Still nothing that that white stuff and the effect it gives to everything. Yummy! :-)

  15. Kathy,
    That last photo is absolutely beautiful. The heavily frosted trees really make the robins stand out. Your surroundings are just begging for a good pair of snowshoes... :)

  16. Whew, i can feel the cold. It's great i am not living in this kind of environment in this lifetime, maybe i've been finished with that!


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