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The Top of the World in Colorado

The "top of the world" in Rocky Mountain National Park is a wondrous sight. Rocky Mountain National Park is about 2 hours from our house. Looking through my pictures from last summer, I found some from a visit that I'd meant to put in a post so many months ago!  So, even though the park is now covered in feet of snow, I thought you'd like to see RMNP in all it's summer glory. There are so many beautiful views, creatures, and plants. The largest and the smallest of creatures make this high mountain playground their home. Even in at the end of June there's still snow and glaciers. This high tundra is home to a few lucky species. Elk seem to be too used to people here.  They don't even acknowledge that we're watching them. This one's still shedding last year's winter coat. This beautiful alpine flower (sorry  I don't know its name) is such a cheery sight.   If you look closely, you'll see the t

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