Reflections on 2011

Ponderosa's frosty needles dazzle as always.

My birthday hike was especially beautiful, 
even with the snow.

Aspen leaves through the skylight paint a striking portrait in the sky.

Minnesota is so green in late summer. How I miss the water 
but not the mosquitos or humidity.

There are always interesting plants to photograph 
at the Como Park Conservatory.

Driving to Rice University to drop my freshman son 
into his new life far from home.

Trees in Texas are oh so much different 
than the Pine forest I live in.

My favorite wildlife visitor of 2011. 
What a privilege to see.

I was home enough this year to see
so much beauty and wonder in my gardens.

These cactus were thriving this year 
even with little rain.

Attending the Colorado Lavender Festival in Palisade, 
with my good friend Patty, was the highlight of July. 
So many good smells, great gardens 
and wonderful people.

Taos in June was magical.
Going to the top of the mountains and bottom of Rio Grande River, 
enjoying the magic and wonder of Mother Nature with my husband.

Sometimes the nature close to home is as breathtaking 
as that in far away places.
Looking up during a hike is as important as looking ahead. 
May you look to many directions to see the beauty of nature!!

2011 was a whirlwind year of travel, transitions and too many events. Over 6000 miles driven, 1000's of photos taken, and many articles written. Sadly, I was very bad at updating this gardening blog and I apologize for my absence. I did not stop my writing nor my support of wildlife, nature and gardening. My weekly posts at Beautiful Wildlife Garden have been many and I encourage you to visit and join in our conversations. I'm so honored to be part of the Wildlife Garden team of writers and especially grateful to Carole Brown of Ecosystem Gardening for the chance to have my voice heard. I'm hopeful that the new year will provide me with a push to be more consistent in posting to Gardening for Nature for all of you. I'm looking forward to experiencing the ever changing wonders of nature and our planet, sharing my photos and reading your comments.


  1. Lovely reflections...I do so love the owl...what a have been rather busy with travel, family and wildlife blogging elsewhere..

  2. Kathy, I'm hoping to be more consistent in my blog posts and visiting other blogs as well this year. I didn't know your son started at Rice this year. I love that campus. My high school best friend's grandfather, an immigrant from Russia, planted those beautiful oak trees. Happy new year!

  3. Beautiful photos, my gosh! Keep up the fantastic work!


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