Picture This Photo Contest: It Really Means The End of the Line

End of the Fisher Towers trail, outside of Moab, Utah. 
Beyond this rock is a very long next step!

This month's Picture This Photo Contest at Gardening Gone Wild is entitled "The  End of the Line".  Well, you can't get any more end of the line then the picture shown above.  Last month I posted about Canyonlands National Park, and the Moab area in the post "Canyonlands National Park - One of Mother Nature's Ultimate Rock Gardens". I had the great fortune to visit Moab again a few weeks ago, and did lots of hiking with my son.  One of the hikes we took was to Fisher Towers, along the Colorado River north of Moab and Arches National Park.

The Titan, a 900 foot high tower, and the largest in the group.  To get to the place I shot the photo is about a 2 mile hike one way.

The Fisher Towers area lies along the Colorado Riverway, or Utah Scenic Byway 128.  To get to the trailhead you drive on a dirt road about 2 miles.  Then the trail itself winds along the base of the rock towers, up and down ladders, rock trails, and open slickrock trails.  We saw a total of 6 people on this trail, including two nice folks who took our picture at "Trail Ends".

Trail Ends here - we are standing on a little "rock island"
which you climb up onto to see the drop-off.

The colors of the rocks are very close to the colors in the pictures, and Moab is the ultimate "Red Rock" country.  Not much grows here, although along the Colorado River there are a few farming areas, a Ranch, and even a vineyard. 

Tiny Aspen tree growing at the base of a large rock outcropping

Desolate growing conditions for sure!

Colorado River Scenic Byway, near Fisher Towers

The trail back includes walking at the base of the towers, on this little trail.  It is about 2 1/2 feet wide, and then drops down again.  It is hard to see here, can you pick it out? 

Trail is along the cliff, walking for about 1/4 mile

On our way back to the car, we saw several climbers on the Tower.  There are 3 of them, traversing the side.

The climbers are in the left third of the picture, do you see them?

If you ever get a chance to visit Moab, Canyonlands, and the Red Rocks Area, don't miss this hike, as it is truly beautiful, peaceful, and majestic!


  1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for this post and pictures! They remind me of our trips to Utah and Colorado. The views are majestic, your beautiful photos prove it!

  2. Kathy,
    You managed to find that tiny Aspen growing in the crack of a rock, you are definitely a gardener.
    The scenery is just so serene in this part of the country. Thanks for sharing these !
    Take care

  3. What stunning beauty! I cannot help but hope the little Aspen seedling makes it.

  4. Boy, this took me way back. When I was a very young girl in 8th grade back when Canyonlands was a very new National Park (it had only been established four years), my parents took us there and we drove around the White Rim Drive and hiked to many of the arches and natural bridges. It was such a beautiful place, and I have great memories of that trip.

    Love your photo entry too, you are right. You can't get much more "end of the line" than that.

  5. I love your entry for the photo contest! And I also love the tour you gave us. Looks like kind of a rough trail but really beautiful. Those towers are amazing! You're so lucky to have that kind of beauty within driving distance.

  6. Kathy your photos sure make me want to hop on a plane. Wow! Stunning ... unbelievably beautiful landscapes. Those climbers are tiny!! Thanks for sharing this fabulous hike. Carol


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