Not Quite Springtime

The robins came and then came the snow

Springtime at 7300 feet is always a rollercoaster ride weather wise. We get 70 degree days followed by 2 feet of snow at least once every April and even most Mays.  This year is no exception.  My blogging friend Jean at Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog left a comment for me today on my Hoping for Hummingbirds post.  She wanted to know if the hummingbirds have made it here yet, and how my spring is progressing.  So this post is for you Jean, and several others who have been asking about my posts and what I've been up to.

The outside dining is put on hold for another week or two

The patio furniture went out on the deck two weeks ago,
now it's covered with 20 inches of snow

As far as my gardens, well they have been mostly cleaned out.  For me this means taking out all the long pine needles that fell over the winter, cutting down the dead plants left standing last fall, and lighting raking with my hands or rubber rake.  The pine needles are going to a client's house to use as mulch, and the rest went on the compost pile.  I don't have any pictures at the moment, hopefully next week the snow will be gone and the perennials will be glad for the moisture.  

The hummingbird feeder will soon be here instead of the snow!

And for all of you wondering about the hummingbirds, last year they arrived a week early which was around May 1st. I will surely let you know as soon as they arrive as they are my favorite part of spring.


  1. I do hope the hummingbirds arrive soon. What a weather roller-coaster you have been on. The snow if beautiful, but hopefully you will soon be able to enjoy your patio furniture :-)

  2. Holy cow, I never expected to see so much snow in this late April post!! Well I guess the upside is that once it melts your garden is ready.

    Some of the birds who pass through here are arriving later than last year (some by 2-3 weeks). Perhaps that's because the south had a colder than normal winter. So I wouldn't be surprised if that happens with your hummers. I've got my fingers crossed that you've seen the last of the snow until the winter!

  3. We are so deep in these heat all day that it really is becoming a headache! and yet you are still deep in snow and wondering and hoping it already melts and you get the sunshine. Ahhh, our food supply is getting thinner, so we need the rain, to lessen the heat and let the plants grow, so the animals like the humans will be happier! hehe, am i complaining!!!

  4. must be super excited for the hummingbirds to come..! Enjoy!! It will be wonderful to have thier visits again!! Have a happy day..and here's hoping may will bring you lots of treasures!

  5. Yes, Winter is hanging on for dear life!
    Heard a hummingbird yesterday. Yippee!

  6. Looks like home sweet home to me. I just got all of my outdoor furniture out: hope your reversal doesn't happen here;)

    Christine in Alaska

  7. My gosh, I cannot believe all that snow!! Oh well, at least your shrubs, trees and perennials will be well-watered!

  8. Hopefully all that snow has melted by now! Good grief! Looks refreshing in a way too... after having a heat wave of 90 here!


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