Wordless Wednesday - Strength in Numbers

Here is the movie if you would like to see them in action. Kind of gross but effective!
The bee is still alive and was eventually carried away by the ants.


  1. Yikes! I'm almost positive I've seen a movie about ants trying to take over the world...no doubt they are very effective in their ecological niche, but they give me the willies.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Very cool Kathy. I love your very green blog!

  3. Christine - The ants creep me out sometimes too, especially when they swarm early in the spring. The type in the pictures and movie like to bite as well.

    Larry, Thanks for visiting my website, I'm glad you like it! It's been a little quite the last month since springtime has been so slow in coming this year. But, it's great out now so I should have much more to write about.


  4. These small tragedies go on around us every day... amazing to see and surely not small to the Bumble Bee... where were his fellow bees? They are not evolved that way. Great photo.

  5. Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping by the Turkey Creek Lavender blog. Can't wait to spend some time reading around your blog. Great content. =)

  6. Amazing pictures!

    How wonderful that you were able to capture Mother Nature at work. I do know that we humans find this "distasteful". However, this is the way nature works. If it weren't for this kind of prey/predator relationship the world would be even more out of balance than we humans are making it even as I write this.

    For more on ants you may want to read E.O. Wilson.


  7. Wow, that's amazing! Kind of gross, yes, but still amazing to see how nature works.

  8. Not many people notice things like this. I try to teach my kids to notice small things like this. But I fear technology takes the cake most of the time. I like how you combined both, very appealing.

  9. Ants are such hard workers - cleaning up Mother Nature... I was out yesterday hand picking & squishing spit bugs that seem to be infesting my lavender & calendula on my deck. In no time at all, the ants found them & carried them away (even though the deck is on the second storey!)

    I just wish the ants would actually remove the spit bugs from the plants without me having to get in there every day...

  10. Great photos- ants definitely show what teamwork can accomplish!


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