Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 2010

Some of the Hummingbirds favorite flowers are in full bloom now,
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
and Red Birds in a Tree (Scrophularia macrantha)

They really do look like Red Birds!

Many types of Daylilies are blooming now,
none of which I know the names of.

This red daylily is part of a large group of unnamed types,
any suggestions for a name?

Beautiful blooms that were not munched by the deer

I have hundreds of these Bread Seed Poppies in various parts of the yard.

This Mallow just kind of showed up here last year.

The Blue Mist Spirea is just getting its flowers, soon it will be covered.

These are just some of the blooms in the high altitude gardens for August.  I don't normally participate in the Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts but this month the blooms are looking nice, so I gave it a shot. By the end of the month the Agastaches and Russian Sage will be in full bloom and will give me something to photograph for September.  Now that you've taken a look at these flowers, what's blooming in your gardens? 

For a look at other gardens around the country, visit Carol's garden blog and her May Dreams Gardens Bloom Day post.


  1. You have some wonderful blooms. But the view of the mountains. WOW. Nice photos too.One of my favorite plants is Caryopteris. I have so many of them blooming right now, but did not picture them for Bloom Day. I am glad some gardeners did.

  2. What a difference altitude makes. My daylilies are pretty much done, and yours look the way mine did a month ago. -Jean

  3. Wonderful! I love those 'Red Birds in a tree', a plant with which I am totally unfamiliar. Probably wouldn't grow in zone 8b, would it? But I think I'll research it.

  4. Your beautiful photos make me long for my finished daylilies. I am sure the hummers appreciate your growing so much food for them! I love the blue mist ... Caryopteris does not survive for me alas! It is so gorgeous ... wish it would. Yours looks vigorous. Lucky you. ;>)

  5. Wow, those Red Birds in a Tree are Beeeyoootiful! I've never seen that before. I guess that's the difference between Colorado and Philadelphia, LOL

    Stunning photos all!

  6. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Glad you enjoyed the blooms.

    Carol, why doesn't Blue Mist Spirea survive for you? Too cold or too wet?

    Birdwoman and Carole ~ Red Bird in a Tree (Scrophularia macranta)is a southwestern wildflower that is also a Plant Select Flower. You can read more here: I think the East Coast has too much water for it's liking though.


  7. I am surprised to see mostly alien plant species from your garden. Do you not plant any native plants that are best for nourishing the most birds, bees and other critters?

  8. Hi SRM,

    Thanks for stopping by! I actually have many plants that are not "alien" in my gardens, including the coneflowers and red birds that are in the first couple of pictures. Since this post was on Bloom Day, I have pictures of what's blooming now. I do plant mostly for pollinators and birds, which sometimes includes plants not native to my immediate area.

  9. Kathy, I'm so glad you joined in GBBD! I can't wait to see your agastaches. I'm envious of all the southwestern varieties of it. btw, that lovely hummingbird feeder you commented on in my blog? We had a storm and it broke, just shattered! Guess it was too pretty and not hardy enough, ha!

  10. kathy, We vacationed in CO last week. I am crazy in love with the dry air, plenty of sunshine and how happy the gardens seem to be. I've never seen happier caryoptris. Stunningly beautiful and bees, every where! Your daylilies are lovely, ours are long gone; so it's nice to see them again. gail We were Estes Park area and then RMNP~


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