Wordless Wenesday - A Light in the Forest

A single Aspen shows its beautiful light at the end of our property,
surrounded by Ponderosa Pines, Gambel Oak and lots of wildlife.


  1. Kathy, A beautiful view! We were in CO this past summer~it's a beautiful place~gail

  2. Looks like it's peaking for you, as well. Enjoy your fall colors!

  3. I would love to hang this photo in my living room or in the hall! lovely!

  4. Lovely metaphor and photograph Kathy! The light does surely draw one into the forest. Beautiful! ;>)

  5. What an absolutely stunning photo! I can almost picture myself there soaking up those beautiful rays of sunshine

  6. Beautiful views, the magnificence of the coming autumn!

  7. Trees have to be my favorite things.

    We don't get much fall here on the Texas Gulf Coast, so thank you for sharing your fall with us.

    Here's my WW:

  8. Kathy, your place must really be amazing. To have so many pretty views that you have. Wow. Lovely photo of the aspen.

  9. What a beauty! I love aspen. Not many of them are around here, unfortunately.


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