Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Every Day Should be Earth Day

This past week millions around the world celebrated Earth Day 2009. While I am so glad for all of the celebration, I have to stop and think about why we would only celebrate our earth one day per year. Without the earth, we would not be here, so shouldn't we celebrate it every day? Or, at least try our very best to take care of it every day? We only have one, and when it's gone, so are we. If it's in bad shape, then we don't have as many resources to keep us healthy, happy, and growing. We as a people in general try to take care of things we own or we have created, yet many of us take the earth that we live on completely for granted. So many people assume there will always be water to drink, food to eat, and a comfortable environment in which to live. Instead, we should assume exactly the opposite. Unless we take care of our earth, it will at some time no longer be able to care for us and provide for us as it has in the past. For many countries, this is already becoming a fact. So, I ask you to celebrate the earth every day, and take nothing she gives us for granted.

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