Another Week, Another Bit of Snow

Well, it's the last week in April, and we got more snow today. While most of the gardening blogs around the country are showing off their beautiful spring blossoms and wonderful looking gardens, we are still dealing with snow on the ground. At this altitude I am used to snow anytime up until the end of May, but it still makes it frustrating when I want to go out and clean the gardens. Not to mention plant some stuff. The perennials are trying to grow, and the crocus have pushed out their buds, but that's about it.

The crocus look cold and closed up today, just last Saturday they were open and beautiful.

The Peonies are starting to grow, although it would be nicer if they were still sleeping. About 3 out of 4 springs they get hit by a very late frost and lose some of their buds, but they are still beautiful. They are one of my few non-waterwise perennials in the gardens.

Even the daffodils are covered with snow and bent to the ground. But, they will pop up by tomorrow and the bees will be checking them out. With this bit of snow, and the last 30 inches we got a week ago, we have went from below average moisture for the year, to slightly above. Good for us, good for the plants, and good for our water bills. No watering will be needed till the end of May.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Found your blog via the Garden Coach Directory (I'm about to start up that kind of business). I've seen about all the snow you all have gotten (and some mild temps too). That must be very frustrating to see spring start to come and then get delayed. I was interested to read about how you solved your woodpecker problem. We have tons of them around here as well. Fortunately they only seem to peck on our house in the spring, when they peck on the metal caps around the chimney. I think this is part of their spring breeding ritual. I use suet in the winter and have recently found the seed blocks, made w/seeds and gelatin, to be an easy thing to use in the warmer months (suet can get kind of gross around here in the summer!). Anyway, enjoyed your blog!


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