Mother Nature's Mid-Spring's Gift

Mother Nature sent us a present this week, a typical late spring blizzard. Many of the Ponderosa Pine trees in my yard are bent to the ground and will need to be "rescued" by gently shaking the tree to remove the large, heavy snow clumps. This allows the tree to spring back upright before it gets a permanent bend in the trunk. Living along the Front Range requires residents to get accustomed to these types of storms. After the first few years, you just come to expect them. We really need the moisture and this mid-month storm has dropped anywhere from 1 to 3 feet of snow on the Front Range. I think we have 2 feet in our backyard. Looking towards next week, it should melt off quickly and soak into the ground. The Ponderosa Pines and the Gambel Oak in the yard will be thankful, and so will my perennial garden beds. Best of all, the moisture is free, and comes without any chemicals attached.


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