The Early Death of Fall

Fall has come and gone in my gardens.  It lasted a whole 2 weeks.  Yesterday was our second snow, and this morning the ground was still white and it was in the upper 20s.  Normally, the temps here this time of year are in the upper 60's, with lows in the upper 30's.  By tomorrow evening, it will be 17 degrees. That's a normal for January, not October. With lows like that, all the plants will succumb to the cold.  No amount of plastic sheeting or blanketing will help my tomatoes from freezing.

I can't complain too much - last year we had an amazingly long and beautiful fall season, and I'm sure that by next week it will be warm and sunny here again.  But the leaves on the trees will probably just fall off, instead of producing great colors, and the perennials that still are blooming are probably more than done for the year.  The unpredictability of gardening is one of the main reasons I love to garden, as I think experiments are great and Mother Nature provides us with the biggest laboratory of all. 

Coneflower blossoms will be gone, but their seedheads will stick around to feed the birds

Agastaches and Asters taking a bow under the snow

Dogwood leaves frozen in time

Frosty bridge over the dry stream bed

Aspen leaves falling before their time to shine

As you can see from the pictures, today was dark and dreary, and so I'm sorry if the colors are a little off.  It's hard to capture the snow and fog while still having bright results.  And maybe the darkness of the pictures is just a little reminder that winter slumber is part of the life cycle of all plants.  It sometimes just comes way too soon.


  1. HI just found your blog through Nature Network..beautiful shots of your garden...we haven't had snow yet, but are beginning to prepare for it!

  2. Kathy, these snow pictures are sad and strikingly beautiful at the same time. The coneflower image is breathtaking. What unusual weather you have there! I am experiencing the opposite - my garden is still bright with dahlias, cosmos, fuchsias. I hope your plants will survive!

  3. Cold but beautiful. I felt cold just looking through your snowy photos. I agree with Tatyana -- that coneflower image is just "wow."

  4. Kathy, thanks for participating in this year's First Snowfall Project -- I've posted a link to your beautiful post. :)

  5. What a beautiful garden you have Kathy. I live in Loveland and I remember that gorgeous fall we had last year. I guess I was secretly wishing for another one. It was so perfect. This year was way too short and feels like it's already been winter for two months. At least to me. I'm going to bookmark your site so I can come back.


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