Fall Colors mean more than Aspens in Mountain Gardens

Here are some shots of beautiful fall colors in my gardens so that you don't think the only great colors come from Aspens in the fall.  Our Aspens in the yard, of which I personally would love to get rid of, have not yet turned color, but there are Gambel (scrub) oaks, lilacs, sumac, chokecherry and other plants which all have fabulous shades, and there are still some blooms on late summer and fall perennials as well.  Another week or so and there will be even better colors along the Front Range of Colorado.  In my opinion, the fall leaves in the Rocky Mountains are no where near as colorful though as those on the East Coast and the Midwest, so those of you who live there should feel very lucky this time of year.  Happy leaf peeping!

I end the pictures with this lovely Northern Flicker, who loves to climb the Ponderosa pines, and look for food all year long.


  1. Yes, I agree, Trees back East have more variety and color.
    I love the quaking Aspen though, they are going to be over with before we know it. I enjoyed your tour. Thanks

  2. Oh how nice. I can't believe fall is already here, at least in some parts of the world! Love all your plant photos and your flicker too. Great shot! (I wish mine would get down to my height so I could get a photo!)

  3. That Northern Flicker is stunningly handsome. I so enjoy the change of seasons, but we don't get much in the way of fall foliage colors here in Austin. Right now I'm making a list of trees I want to plant, and I'm determined to get a couple that have colorful fall leaves. But for now, I get to enjoy yours!


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