Ode to Summer

As summer fades to fall, 
it's nice to look back into the gardens at some of the beautiful blooms.  


Snow in the Summer gets no water yet
 still provides a wonderful white carpet

Not all plants have to have flowers to be beautiful -
this Hosta made it all the way until the 4th of July
this year before a hailstorm turned it to tatters.

The Hummingbirds are still here this year even though it's now fall. 
Soon they will be flying south, and the garden
 will be a much quieter and lonelier place.


  1. Lovely, Lovely! Happy Fall! Great shot of the hummer and blooms!

  2. It's really a pity and waste to have those wonderful flowers and leaves be gone through the change of seasons. However, it really is Autumn which is the dream for those like me living in evergreen countries. Up till now i am still dreaming to see Autumn in person!


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